How to Purchase a Dealer Subscription

Below are the steps to purchasing a Dealer Subscription. *Prices Subject to Change

Step 1.

Navigate to the Sell Page and then select the Dealer Subscription type you would like. In the example below, we chose the basic Dealer Subscription.


Step 2.

Once you have selected your Subscription type, and been directed to the new page, you will need to Login or Create and Account.


Step 3.

After entering your credentials for login or account creation, you will be prompted to continue to payment.


Step 4.

Once redirected to PayPal you will choose the payment option of your choice. NOTE* A PayPal Account is Required for subscriptions.


Step 5.

After you’ve submitted you payment info and the transaction is completed, click the Return to Merchant button.


Step 6.

After clicking “Return to Merchant”, you will be directed back to BassBoat4Sale and shown a conformation of your purchase.